The 3 Rights

We know that when horses are repeatedly exposed to the same compounds, parasites can develop resistance to their effects. So the very best way to conserve all three is to target the individual needs of your horse.


Each horse faces different risks. Check with your vet to make sure any deworming program is right for your horse, especially for foals and weanlings.

It's important to rotate between the three major chemical classes and use them at appropriate intervals based on the last drug used, time of year and your horse's susceptibility to parasites based on fecal analysis.

Be sure to consider compound rotation as well as the Parasites of concern when choosing your horse’s next treatment.

Climate, pasture conditions, and exposure, as well as seasonal parasite activity will determine your timing. Check with your veterinarian to design the right program or use the Safe-Guard® Get Rotation Barn chart as a guide.