Rotation Education

Why Deworming Matters

  • All horses develop parasites in their digestive systems. But, by administering a systematic, seasonal deworming program, these harmful parasites can be controlled.




Why Rotation Matters

Rotation Treats all Parasites

Rotation Helps Manage Resistance

  • Resistance to all compounds is growing. Be sure to rotate compounds, not brand names to better manage compound resistance.

Rotation Treats All Parasites

  • Certain compounds combat specific parasites more effectively than others. Best scientific practice recommends deworming at regular intervals to combat the seasonal parasite prevalence.




Beyond Deworming

An effective parasite management program includes more than just dewormers. Here are some non-chemical steps you can take to reduce parasite populations on your property.

  1. Rotate pastures if possible. Ideally it is best to rest pastures when the weather is hot and dry.
  2. Cross-graze pastures with cattle or other ruminants.
  3. Remove manure from pastures and paddocks.
  4. Harrow pastures only during hot, dry periods and keep horses off for several weeks.
  5. Consult your extension agent regarding proper composting techniques.
  6. Avoid overstocking your pastures.